Facebook Looks to Promote Interest Lists with Drop-Down Like Menu on Pages

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If you've recently "liked" a new page, you may have noticed a new menu that appears as soon as you click. For some users, clicking on "like" or hovering over "like" on a page prompts a new drop-down menu that allows them to add the page to an Interest List, toggle its visibility, and unlike.

The first interesting thing about this new menu is the ability for users to check/un-check the "Show in News Feed" option. Before this box appeared, users didn't have the choice to immediately choose "like" visibility. All of their likes were automatically posted to their Timeline, and thus their friends' news feeds. If they wanted to hide that like, they would have to visit their activity log.

Now, you can hide likes right when you like a new page - as well as unlike the page entirely.

But the big thing about this new menu is Facebook's prominent display of Interest Lists. "Start an Interest List to see a special news feed of related posts," it says. And right below that, users are given the opportunity to create a new list.

If you remember, Facebook introduced Interest Lists back in March, as a feature that would run alongside Subscriptions and regular Lists. Interest Lists allow users to follow subscription packets based around the same topic - food, games, pop music, etc. Users can follow lists made by other Facebook users or they can create their own. At the time, Facebook said that Interest Lists would be like "your personalized newspaper."

Now, five months later, it looks like Facebook wants to boost user participation in one of their many new features, or in some cases, remind people that Interest Lists even exist.

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