Facebook Launches One-Column Timeline with More Focus on Interests

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It looks like the news feed isn't the only Facebook product getting a major refresh.

For the past few months, Facebook has been testing a one-column Timeline layout that puts all your posts in one, larger column and everything else like music, photos, recent activity, and other Open Graph actions on the other side.

Today, Facebook is beginning to roll this new Timeline out to all users.

The new layout puts all of your post on the right-hand side in a single, streamlined column. Everything else, like friends, photos, and more now rest in the smaller, left-hand column:

Your About page is also getting a facelift, with more focus given to your interest (music, movies, books, TV, etc.) and the apps that deal with them. Each interest gets its own section, for instance "Movies" allows you to easily add films you've watched, films you "want to watch" and films you "like."

You can either manually add movies to this list or you can let apps like Netflix (which just opened up Facebook integration today) or Flixster do the legwork.

You can also add custom apps to your Timeline to express what you're most interested in, for example Instagram.

"To simplify how apps are displayed on timeline, we’re replacing aggregations with app sections. Previously, only top-ranked Open Graph stories and aggregations would appear on timeline. Now, when someone adds an app section, it will appear in the same place until they edit the order or visibility," says Facebook.

If you want to add a specific app to your Timeline, all you have to do is click the "add to profile" button on you app section page.

Facebook says that they will roll out these changes over the coming weeks, so be patient.

Josh Wolford
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