Facebook Launches New Payments Reporting API

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Despite how you may feel as a developer towards Facebook, you have to admit they work fast. The company is always putting out new APIs and updates to existing APIs that make the platform a better place to develop on. The newest update should help developers get constant updates on how well their app is doing.

The newest feature to join the Facebook family is called the Payments Reporting API. Developers will now be able to download "daily reports of transaction data." Previously, developers would receive this data over email. Facebook found that method to not be very secure or reliable. Here's what you can expect when using the Payments Reporting API:

  • Reliability. The payments reporting API is more reliable and has built-in checks to make sure you receive all the data.
  • Security. The payments reporting API can be downloaded securely via https using an OAuth-secured HTTP interface.
  • Flexibility. Our new report is formatted as a structured csv file, instead of the former flat tsv file. With this format, your integration of the data will continue to work regardless of what fields we may add in the future. Additionally, the API simplifies your work flow. Multiple people in your company can download the report, instead of only one person receiving the data via email.
  • If that sounds good to you, you can get to using the new API right away. It will replace the current email system for now, but Facebook expects everybody to switch to the API within the next 90s days. Afterwards, Facebook will no longer send payment reports via email.

    Check out the documentation for all the details on the new Payments Reporting API. Check back again in a few months when Facebook adds support for local currency to the API.