Facebook, Kickstarter Get Behind Sundance Institute


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Artists who attend the Sundance Institute may soon have an easier time reaching an audience when they complete their programs.  Facebook and Kickstarter have promised to support alumni, providing funding and guidance.

Facebook's contribution is more on the "guidance" side of things.  A statement on the matter explained, "Facebook will offer Institute alumni advice, educational materials, and best-practices tips on how to build and engage audiences via the service."

In hands-on workshops led by Facebook employees, alumni will also get "unique training on free tools and apps for social engagement, education in the types of pages and profiles they can utilize, and insight into Facebook's advertising opportunities."

That could achieve some significant results.  Meanwhile, Kickstarter, which is a platform for funding creative projects, will showcase individuals' work, helping them both raise money and get the attention of potential fans.

It should be interesting to see what comes of all this given the excellent reputation Sundance already has in entertainment circles and even the mainstream.  With the support of Facebook and Kickstarter, artists' careers could really take off.

Keri Putnam, Executive Director of the Sundance Institute, acknowledged, "Today's media landscape presents opportunities for audiences and artists to connect in new and exciting ways.  This program is a natural and much-needed extension of our mission.  With unparalleled recognition worldwide, Sundance Institute is in the unique position as a nonprofit to bring together a wide range of services and lend invaluable promotional support."