Facebook Is Turning Spotify, Apple Music Links Into 30-Sec Previews That Anyone Can Listen To

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Since the dawn of the status update, Facebook users have been posting about what music they're listening to. A lot of the time, users post links to YouTube videos. For a while, Spotify shares have gone in and then out of favor. Nobody really liked linking their entire Spotify activity to Facebook. That was just overkill.

Now, Facebook has thought up a new way for users to share music. The company is now rolling out what it calls "Music Stories" on its iOS app.

Music Stories are basically 30-second clips from songs shared via Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. When users share a song on their Facebook feed from Spotify, for example, Facebook converts that track to a Music Story and allows users to listen to a 30-second clip.

The music is contained inside Facebook's wall – meaning you don't have to be a member of Spotify or Apple Music to hear the samples.

From Facebook:

On the Facebook iPhone app, songs and albums shared from the leading music services will become “Music Stories,” a new post format which allows people to listen to a 30-second preview of the shared song (or album) while on Facebook. The preview is streamed from either Apple Music or Spotify (depending on the source of the link shared), and can be purchased from or saved to the respective music streaming service.

The previews from Apple Music and iTunes are available directly through Facebook. If you want more, click through to stream full tracks on Apple Music or add music to your library with a single click to purchase through the iTunes store. The previews from Spotify are also available directly through Facebook. If you want more, click through to stream full tracks on Spotify or add to your library without leaving Facebook.

According to the company, Music Stories will expand support for other streaming platforms in the near future.

So, long story short, expect a lot more music to pop up in your news feed.

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