Facebook Is Now Auto-Enhancing All Your Photos

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I guess Facebook doesn't trust all of you amateur photogs out there, because the company now wants to help make your photos look better automatically. Facebook is now auto-enhancing every photo you upload on iOS.

When you select a photo to upload, Facebook will give you a message that says "Brighter, Cleaner photos - when you add a photo, we'll enhance it to look its best."

There will now be a little wand icon on the corner of your photos, and you can tap this at any time to un-enhance your photos, or slide it right and left to determine how much of the enhancement effect you want – pretty much like filters on Instagram.

According to TechCrunch, this feature will be coming soon to Android, but for now is an iOS exclusive.

If you're not too keen on Facebook messing with your images, it's easy to turn the feature off for good. Just go to the app's settings and look for "Videos and Photos". There you'll see the option for "enhance automatically". Just tap it off.

Google+ has had a similar (but better) feature for more than a year-and-a-half.

In other photo manipulation news, the Facebook-owned Instagram just added five new filters to its offerings on Tuesday.

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