Facebook Is Making It Hard For Us To Move On

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Breakups are always a hard pill to swallow. You were intimate with a person for a number of months, maybe even years, and it all falls apart. Most people would normally just move on with their lives and forget about the relationship. Unfortunately, Facebook is making that very hard to do.

New research has found that Facebook, and probably social media in general, makes it hard for us to move on from past relationships. Staying friends with a past partner online constantly exposes us to their life. Sooner or later, somebody's going to start Facebook stalking an old flame. As it turns out, Facebook stalking is unhealthy for you.

A healthy breakup involves the two persons emotionally distancing themselves from each other. This allows both persons room to breathe and time to clear their heads. Staying friends on Facebook, however, only serves to keep a person emotionally invested in the life of a former lover. They won't get over the breakup and continue down a sad dark path that inevitably leads into a bottle of their preferred alcoholic drink.

Now, this wouldn't be that big of a problem if only a few people took part in the pity party that is Facebook stalking. The research, however, found that almost half of those surveyed stayed friends with ex-partners on Facebook. Those who remain Facebook friends experience poorer breakup adjustment and personal growth compared to those who do not.

It should be noted that not all people are the same. I've observed people who breakup and then immediately rekindle a normal, healthy friendship with their former partner. Sometimes, there's no hard feelings in love and war. Those who were already emotionally dependent on their partner, however, should refrain from contact for at least a few months.

Facebook connects us with the world, our friends and our lovers. That being said, It's important to remember when you should block those distractions and just spend some time by yourself. You'll be healthier in mind and body for it.

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