Facebook Is Making Events More Prominent

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One of the most useful features of Facebook has always been Events. Even if you're not the type of person to spend hours scrolling through the News Feed, commenting on posts, and liking baby photos – you probably use Facebook to keep track of upcoming events.

Well, if you're a fan of managing events on Facebook, good news. Apparently, Events are about to become a bigger part of the Facebook experience.

Facebook Events product manager Aditya Koolwal shared a handful of upcoming tweaks to Events with Mashable – and the main takeaway is that Facebook wants more people RSVPing to events on the site.

According to Koolwal, you can expect to see more stories about friends attending events in your News Feed.

Not only that, but there will soon be a new drop-down list of "related events" that pops up in your News Feed when you join an event.

Facebook is also integrating events with Messenger. Facebook's trying to do quite a bit with Messenger these days.

It’s already possible for event hosts to initiate a group chat with guests, but the Events team wants to take it further, enabling a quick tap or two for easy one-to-one chats in Messenger between an event host and someone they have invited.

Koolwal also wants to make it easier for users to share an event with a person they're messaging without leaving the Messenger app itself, an experience he compares to say, sending an attachment, but in this case, the attachment would be an event instead of a photo or audio file.

Apart from just making Event more prominent, Facebook is actually gearing up to tweak the way the feature works. At some point (by next year), Facebook wants to make it easier to invite people to events – even non Facebook users. In the future, people might be able to join Facebook events without having an account (via email?).

Oh, and there might be a standalone Events app at some point. Because of course there might be.

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