Facebook Is Down Across Europe, Anonymous Claims Responsibility

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Remember when Anonymous Own3r "took down" GoDaddy? It was found that GoDaddy was just suffering from internal issues that Anonymous Own3r jumped on in a bid for attention. Many members of Anonymous were even able to prove that he was full of it. Well, he's back once again with even grander claims of a bigger kill.

Facebook is apparently down across much of Europe at the moment with citizens of Italy, Norway, Germany, the Czech Republic and others saying that the site is down. At the center of it all is Anonymous Own3r, the man who claims to be taking down Facebook country by country. He uploaded a PasteBin document earlier today detailing vulnerabilities that he has found in Facebook. The attacks appear to be taking advantage of said vulnerabilities.

Here's the latest from Twitter:

Once again, it looks like our dear Anonymous Own3r is taking advantage of some downtime for some attention. Well, he's gotten it, but it's the wrong kind of attention. He was proven to be full of it during the GoDaddy attack, and he's proven it again this time. He's now asking the BBC to give him credit for Facebook downtime that occurred back in March. It seems out friend doesn't check dates on news stories.

Beyond Anonymous Own3r's own delusions of grandeur, Facebook is still down for many people across Europe. It's likely similar to the downtime that happened back in March that took down Facebook across most of Europe. We've reached out to Facebook for a comment, and we'll update this story once we hear back.