Facebook IPO Particulars [Infographic]


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We've been covering the angles all week. First Investors were saying Facebook was way overvalued, next it was that demand had far outweighed the available shares, now, Facebook and their underwriters have issued more than 50 million additional shares to pacify the incredible demand. The funny thing is, the IPO doesn't officially even happen until Friday.

Regardless, this baby is gonna be sold out again by tomorrow. If you thought you were going to scoop up a piece of Facebook and you haven't done it yet, I am 99% sure that it is too late for you. While we are waiting for the definitive word on who actually got a piece of Facebook and who didn't, we can enjoy this infographic from MBAOnline.com.

This one leans more toward the fun side and is filled with interesting little tidbits about how Facebook evolved from just an idea in Mark Zuckerberg's head to the social giant we know today. Warren Buffet says he's not buying it, but millions of others are. take a look:

facebook ipo