Facebook IPO Doesn't Stop Them From Rolling Out New Features

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The big story being covered by every major and minor news outlet today is that Facebook is going public, and while that is a huge deal for a company that began in a dorm room less than a decade ago, the company's creators aren't letting that keep them from rolling out new features this week.

Some users saw the changes to their notifications yesterday, but for some it will take a bit longer. Now, when you click on the Earth icon in the upper left corner of the page and the notifications dropbox shows up, you can hover over a particular notification to "silence" it, meaning you won't be notified about anything from that person or group anymore. Before, you had to navigate to the notification settings page to control what alerts you received, and even then you couldn't turn off a single person or group.

With Facebook adding new games and users forming new groups every day, notifications can add up, and not all of them need our attention. Many users have found themselves with cluttered newsfeeds and notification boxes, and even the most dedicated Facebooker can become fickle in no time once something proves to be an annoyance. The need for a more streamlined notification system has been evident for a while now, and if they can integrate that ease of use into their mobile app, users will be even more happy.

10 Facebook Tips: Don't you ever ever ever ever ever ever spam my notifications with stupid game requests.
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*Dosen't go on Facebook for a week* Expectations: 23 Friend Requests. 9 Messages. 56 Notifications. Reality: 1 game request notification.
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Facebook is finally giving users more control over notifications: http://t.co/Xg3qRtCA Been waiting on this for a long time.
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Facebook use to be exciting, now I hate it. My notifications are no longer exciting because they are filled with lame invitations.
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And just like that the Facebook notifications drop down design updates. #iterateiterateiterate
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