Facebook Introduces The Payer Promotion API

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Facebook has been playing around with Payer Promotion for a while now. It lets app developers on Facebook offer special discounts on in-game items to first-time players and other eligible users. Facebook claims that it helps to increase payer conversion and revenue. Now they're making it easier for everybody to implement.

Facebook is launching the Payer Promotion API today. It will automatically look at a player and decide if they're eligible for discounted Facebook credits or free items. Payer Promotion is subsidized by Facebook so you don't have to worry about any hits to your own revenue.

The new API makes thing easier because the old Payer Promotion was implemented using a DeaSpot unit. Besides judging the eligibility of a player for the promotion, the API also allows the creation of custom units to showcase the offer. To show off the new API in action, Facebook provides an example from KIXEYE's War Commander:

Facebook Payer Promotion API

Facebook claims that KIXEYE saw an 18 percent growth in payer conversion and an eight percent growth in revenue since implementing the new Payer Promotion API. It's easy to see why as people love sales. A lot of people play Facebook games without paying a cent. If you offer them a deal, they might just spend a few bucks to get that next item. After the initial payment, you have them hooked until they can pull themselves away from your game.

If you want to know more about the new Payer Promotion API, check out Facebook's documentation.

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