Facebook Introduces New Features For Mobile App Install Ads

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Mobile app install ads are one of the better avenues developers can use to reach users on Facebook. As more and more people are using the Facebook mobile app, these ads can drive those same users to a developer's app on Google Play or the App Store. Now, it's not perfect, but Facebook is making it a little better today.

First up, developers can now customize ad creatives directly from either the app dashboard, the power editor, or the Ads API. The customization options extend to both the banner image and the app description. In even better news, those using the new Facebook app for both iOS and Android will get a much larger ad. You can find out more here.

Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

Ad customization is always nice, but what about the actual installation of apps? With Facebook being integrated into iOS 6, it's now easier than ever to install apps from Facebook's App Center. Facebook will now open up an App Store popup in App Center so users can install the app without ever having to leave Facebook. It will undoubtedly earn developers more app installs and it keeps users on Facebook. It's a win-win situation for everybody, except for those on Android devices.

Facebook New Features Mobile App Install Ads

Finally, app insights has been updated with a demographic breakdown of all app installs on mobile. Now developers can see exactly how many users from each age group download your app. It also displays a breakdown of users by gender, language and country of origin. All of this information will be incredibly important when creating future ads for a specific audience. It's noted that the updated app insights won't be available to developers, however, unless they integrate your app with the latest SDKs for both iOS and Android.

Facebook New Features Mobile App Install Ads

It's a good thing that Facebook is upgrading its mobile app install ads before Christmas. Plenty of people will be getting new iOS and Android devices as presents, and those people will most assuredly be using Facebook and downloading apps. Developers should be able to drive some installs with an aggressive mobile app install ad campaign.