Facebook Introduces New Desktop App Ads

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Facebook has been increasingly focusing on mobile over the past few year, including the introduction of mobile app install ads. These ads have helped to drive millions of users to mobile apps, but now Facebook is looking to bring those same kind of ads home.

Facebook announced today that it's introducing a new ad unit called desktop app ads. As the name implies, these ads will help to drive users to Facebook apps. Not only will these ads drive users to Facebook ads, but they will also help developers measure installs.

As for the ads themselves, the new desktop app ads will appear in either the News Feed or on the right hand column of Facebook. Here's what it will look like:

Facebook Introduces New Desktop App Ads

Facebook notes that developers can create desktop app ads through either the Ads Create Tool or the Power Editor. If you don't have anybody on your team capable of creating an ad, you can also hire one of Facebook's Preferred Marketing Developers to make one for you.

While the new desktop app ads are rolling out today, only 10 percent of advertisers currently have access to it. Facebook says that it will roll out to 100 percent of advertisers in the next few days. If you currently have access to these ads, check out Facebook's tutorial to learn how to implement them.

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