Facebook Introduces App Center Videos

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In May of last year, Facebook entered the mobile scene in a big way with App Center. It was a centralized location where mobile users could find their way to mobile apps from Facebook. Since its introduction, Facebook has touted some big numbers from App Center and is now aiming to get even bigger numbers with a significant update.

Facebook announced today that developers can now embed videos on their App Center pages. The social network says that video will help developers better illustrate their game to prospective players. After all, screenshots can only tell a player so much. With video, developers can give a much better look at how their game works and how it's played.

So, how does this App Center Video thing work? Simple - you just submit your videos to the Facebook App Dashboard under the App Details tab. Just like with images, Facebook will have to approve every video submitted. Once approved, it should show up on your app page for all to enjoy.

Oh, and Facebook will allow developers to upload multiple videos for multiple languages. A video in English would be rather ineffective for a Spanish speaking audience so you might just want to localize your app video into their native tongue. If you need help with that, there are multiple resources services available, including Google's own Android App Translation Service.

For more info, here's a video about this new option available to developers:

Image via ChronoBlade/App Center