Facebook Instant Articles To Support Video Ads

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Facebook Instant Articles

Soon, any publishers - big or small - will be able to use Facebook Instant Articles. In February, Facebook announced the feature would be opened up on April 12.

Now, news has emerged that Facebook will ad support for video ads as well as an additional ad unit at the bottom of Instant Articles, which it believes will increase ad impressions by roughly 20%. This is according to The Wall Street Journal, which spoke with Josh Roberts, product manager on Instant Articles.

According to the report, Facebook is tweaking its ad policies to accommodate the video ads, and publishers will be able to place autoplay (with sound disabled) or user-initiated video ads. They'll also be able to include pre-roll ads before their editorial videos.

This isn't the first time Facebook has adjusted its ad policies for Instant Articles. Late last year, the company made changes after complaints from publishers, enabling them to include more ads in each article and sell Facebook-only ad campaigns to marketers. They also got the ability to link to sponsored content in the "related articles" section.

In other video ad news, Pinterest is reportedly testing them, though it remains to be seen when they'll be come available.