The Facebook / Instagram Deal Bemuses Old People

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When you spend every day following the minute-by-minute happenings (some of it arguably minutia) of companies like Facebook, Instagram, and others, you kind of forget that not everyone has the same level of awareness when it comes to the newsworthy actions of tech/media companies. In fact, you just lose perspective to a certain degree and just assume that things like the Facebook acquisition of Instagram rocked the whole world. I'm guilty of it. Sometimes I forget that there are parts of the population who simply couldn't give less of a sh*t.

When it comes to the Facebook / Instagram deal in particular, it seems that one certain subset of the population is none the wiser. I'm talking about our elderly subset. Okay, old people.

Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets to ask old people about their opinion of the deal. You know, stuff like "Was it too much money?" or "Did Facebook make a mistake?" Unfortunately, it never really got that far. As soon as the words "Facebook" and "Instagram" hit their ears, these senior citizens checked out.

My favorite response to how someone feels about the news? Give it to the gentleman who simply states "I'm 98 years old."

Check out the clip below for some more bewilderment:

While these people didn't seem to care either way, many Instagram users are less than pleased about the acquisition. But then again, many of those same users were enraged when Instagram launched an app for Android. Facebook has said that the core experience for Instagram users won't change, but people worry what Facebook's meddling hands might do to their beloved app.

Although the news was a big deal for a large portion of the population, it's kind of nice to see that at least one group of people exists that truly doesn't care whose Face is in what gram.

Josh Wolford
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