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Have you ever thought about just how strange your online activity is compared to your actual life? If the two have melded and you are unable to tell the difference anymore, I'm sorry, this won't make any sense to you. But if you think about what we are comfortable doing on social networks compared to what we feel comfortable doing in public, it's actually really funny.

As a promotional campaign for a new opera debuting this month comes a nice little video entitled "Can I Be Your Friend." One man walks around and interacts with real people in the same manner we react with people on Facebook and Twitter. The results are entertaining.

The opera in question is called "Two Boys" and it is based around the topic of "internet crimes." In fact its inspiration comes from a 2004 story about an internet-based crime. A 14-year-old boy apparently posed at a female spy online and convinced an older boy to kill someone for him. The person he was trying to get killed was actually himself, and he was attacked, suffering multiple stab wounds. The older boy feel in love with the younger boy, and more confusion ensued. See how murky the internet can get sometimes?

The Opera is from the mind of 28-year-old composer Nico Muhly and will premiere at London's English National Opera on June 24th.

The promotional video available on YouTube asks if you've "ever thought what could go wrong" in your online life? A man walks around asking strangers to be his friend, if he can poke them, and sticking "like" post-its on everything he sees. In the end there is even a gag involving a pretty creepy interpretation of a common Twitter term.

Check it out:

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