Facebook Improves Their Android SDK

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Facebook has recently updated their iOS app and the iOS SDK to improve the performance of both. By all accounts, it seems to be working fine now. Now it's time for Facebook to fix their Android app and that starts with fixing the Android SDK for developers.

As part of the weekly Operation Developer Love update, Facebook announced that they're bringing improvements to the Android SDK. The update includes the usual stability improvements, but they're also adding support for their new mobile ads for apps program. Facebook claims that these ads drive millions of people to apps so Android developers may want to start taking advantage of the new program.

Alongside the improvements to the Android SDK, Facebook is working on an issue that affects their iOS developers. They found that their iOS app changes the Facebook login URL to a question mark instead of a pound symbol. Apps that utilize the new Facebook SDK for iOS aren't affected, but it may mess up apps that don't use the SDK.

Facebook has also published an update to the ever-evolving Graph API. Developers no longer need an app access token to publish scores and achievements for users playing their games. Instead, developers will just need a user access token and a server to host the open graph objects for achievements.

On a final note, Facebook has opened subscriptions up to test users. Developers have already been implementing subscriptions into their apps, but new developers can now test their subscriptions before opening them up to all players. It's suggested that you either go with subscriptions or in-app purchases. Mixing them may only serve to anger players.

Like always, Facebook has released the bug report for the week. There were 175 bugs reported this week with 51 of them being fixed. You can see the full bug list at the blog post.