Facebook Improves The App Dashboard

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Any Facebook developer is no doubt well acquainted with the app dashboard. Long time developers know the ins and outs like the back of their hand. On the other hand, new developers may feel intimidated by all the options. To make things easier for both, Facebook has announced some changes to the app dashboard platform.

Facebook announced two major changes to the app dashboard yesterday evening that aims to simplify the process of configuring and submitting apps. The settings page received a large number of updates while the App Center section was outright replaced.

The settings page received the largest facelift so that developers have access to what they need most when they need it. To that end, the canvas settings are now in basic settings so developers don't forget to alter the size of their app. The Auth Dialog is now in Permissions to better reflect its nature. The Android integration fields were also made easier to use.

Facebook Improves The App Dashboard

The other change sees Facebook replacing the App Center section with the App Details page. The pages are mostly the same with the App Details page only serving to consolidate the options under the old App Center section. The page has all the previous options like promotion text, images, description and more. It also adds an App Center submission link to the page so that developers can easily add their latest creation to Facebook's growing app marketplace.

Facebook Improves The App Dashboard

Facebook is always changing around the app dashboard so don't think this will be the last. They will continue to monitor developers' needs and change things around accordingly. You can check out the new app dashboard now and see how you like the changes.

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