Facebook Improves Mobile News Feed

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According to its mobile site, Facebook today launched a design upgrade to the News Feed for its iOS and Android mobile app. Photos are now up to three times larger, and posts span the entire screen, edge to edge. Multiple photos are also displayed, akin to what a desktop user of the social network is accustomed to seeing.

This is what a photo post looked like on iOS until now:

facebook mobile app

Here is a shot of the new interface:

facebook mobile app

The update is being pushed from Facebook's end, so users aren't required to manually update anything.

The upgrade comes right as Facebook gets ready to file its IPO, to where some investors are worried that the platform has yet to optimize ad content for mobile. It was recently reported that founder Mark Zuckerberg has declared that Facebook's mobile app is the number one priority for 2012, and the launch of the upgrade is indicative of impending change.