Facebook Improves Embedding For Developers

Facebook announced the launch of improved embedding tools for developers including the Embedded Video Player API and oEmbed support.

The company first introduced the interactive embedded video player earlier this year. This enables websites to embed Facebook videos, which have rapidly grown in popularity over the past year.

The new API helps developers embed videos on their sites more easily with more customization control. New features include autoplay (with or without sound), volume control, playlists, player controls, event/error handling, and custom buttons/thumbnails.

"The video platform company uStudio leveraged the new API to create two videos with customized overlays," says Facebook's Lucas Cheon. "The Selena Gomez video player from Interscope Records is a fully customized version of the Facebook embed using the Facebook chromeless player. It features links to concert tickets, social sharing to Facebook pages and Instagram, as well as a way for fans to subscribe to the Selena Gomez email list."

"oEmbed is an open standard that manages all the technical details required to embed things from Facebook, making it even easier to embed public articles, videos, and other posts from Facebook on your site by simply copying and pasting a URL,' Cheon explains. "Starting today, you can build oEmbed support for your CMS — for implementation details, please read our oEmbed documentation. Once your CMS supports oEmbed for Facebook, you and your clients can embed Facebook posts and videos quickly, with no need for screenshots or code changes."

Documentation for the API and oEmbed are here and here respectively.