Facebook Groups Glitch Continues to Plague Users

Josh WolfordSocial Media

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Did you wake up to a bunch of random notifications and soon found that you're now a member of a bunch of long-forgotten groups? You're not alone. A glitch within Facebook Groups has re-enrolled many users in groups that they previously exited - we're talking old groups, like 5+ years old for some.

Facebook admitted to the glitch yesterday, saying that "some users appear to have been re-added to groups that they have left in the past. We are investigating."

I noted yesterday that I had been re-added to about 40 groups that I had previously left. This morning, the problem seems to have been fixed, at least for me. I'm no longer showing membership in any old groups.

But the problem continues to plague some users. A quick search of Twitter will show you that:

I've reached out to Facebook for comment on their "investigation" of the problem and to see where they are on a fix. Maybe the problem is working itself out for some users, and only getting worse for others.

What about you? Are you still a victim of this Facebook Groups glitch?

Josh Wolford
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