Facebook Graph Search Is Going to Produce a Lot of Funny, Odd, and Creepy Queries

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New Tumblr alert! New Tumblr alert!

Like that Tumblr blog that let people post odd responses from Siri when she first debuted on iOS, or those various Tumblr blogs that show odd Google autocomplete suggestions, this new Tumblr blog that centers around a new Facebook feature is sure to provide us with some giggles over the next few months.

Maybe not always giggles - maybe some cringes thrown in there as well.

It's called "Actual Facebook Graph Searches," and consists of...actual Facebook Graph Searches - real live searches that were able to be performed using Facebook's brand new Graph Search feature.

When Facebook officially announced the new search tool last week, we knew that it was going to raise privacy concerns. Graph Search allows users to find other users based on their likes and interests, as well as other signifying information like location, profession, political status, and more.

Facebook recently removed users' ability to opt out of being found in searches on the site, right in time to launch Graph Search. You can check out our big roundup on Graph Search, Facebook privacy, and what you can do about it here.

The point is, as Facebook lets more people into the beta, more people will find interesting Graph Searches, creepy Graph Searches, and just plain weird Graph Searches.

Actual Facebook Graph Searches already highlights a few of these. Looking for an easy date? How bout a search for "Single women who live nearby and who are interesting in men and like Getting Drunk (the page)!" Yeah! Awesome!

What about "Islamic men interested in men who live in Tehran, Iran." That's kind of a weird one.

“Spouses of married people who like Ashley Madison (that cheating dating site).” Well, that's awkward.

"Current employers of 'people who like racism.'" Uh oh, Target.

The point is, Facebook Graph Search is going to produce hundreds and hundreds of these odd searches. As someone who's not overly alarmist when it comes to Facebook and privacy, I can just sit back and enjoy the freak show. This is going to be fun.

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