Facebook Gives Users a Personal Year in Review Timeline

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Want to take a trip through your top moments on Facebook this past year? Well, you're in luck. Facebook has just unveiled their year-in-review materials, and one of them is a user-specific 2012 Timeline of top stories.

Just log in and go to facebook.com/yearinreview to see your own personalized year in review Timeline for 2012.

The first thing you'll see is a rotating collage of important photos from the year. For me, Facebook did a pretty good job of capturing memorable moments from 2012. Right below that, Facebook will show you how many friends you've added and how many pages you've like in the last 12 months.

Under that, Facebook has selected your "20 biggest moments" to display.

According to Facebook, these "big moments" include "life events, posts you've highlighted, popular posts you've been tagged in, and popular posts you've shared." So your year-in-review Timeline will be a lot better if you're an active Timeline user - as in someone who manually highlights and removes stories to make it truly personalized. But I'm not really a Timeline tinkerer and Facebook did a great job of highlighting my top life events, photos, and popular updates from the year.

It's a fun little walk down memory lane, considering you are active enough on Facebook for the Timeline to be populated with relevant and important stories. You can check yours out today.

And don't forget to take a look at some of Facebook's Top Trends of 2012.

Facebook Year in Review Timeline

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