Facebook Gives Advertisers New 'Delivery Insights'

Chris Crum

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Facebook announced the introduction of Delivery Insights in Ads Manager, aimed at "taking some of the guesswork out of creating competitive ads."

Delivery Insights is a new set of insights that tells you how your ads are competing at auction and gives recommendations on how to make changes that will make them more competitive.

"Delivery Insights identifies under-delivering ad sets, meaning ad sets that are set up to reach more people each day than they are actually reaching," says Facebook. "Under-delivery is a sign that the ad could be tweaked to be more effective at winning more auctions, and Delivery Insights explains why the under-delivery is happening and highlights suggestions for specific actions the advertiser can take to make their ad more competitive at auction."

The feature will roll out in a few weeks. You'll be able to find it in the Delivery column in the campaign and ad set levels and in a standalone tab under Tools.

Along with Delivery Insights, Facebook discussed details on the criteria it uses to evaluate advertisers’ requests for their ads to be shown as well as tips for making them more likely to be shown to the right people. You can read up on all of this here.

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Chris Crum
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