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I think it's safe to say that everybody has had a blog at one point or another. While we may have moved on to the microblogging world of tumblr, there is still value in the traditional blog offered by WordPress, Blogger or others. What better way to share that value than through Facebook?

Facebook announced today that they are making a Facebook for WordPress plugin publicly available. So why is it being announced by Facebook and not WordPress? Facebook engineers created the plugin to bring the Facebook experience to WordPress. In an awesome move, the plugin also works with the mobile version of WordPress.

The Facebook for WordPress plugin is really similar to what you would find on an app that utilizes Open Graph. Like Open Graph, the plugin allows you to cross-post content between WordPress and your Facebook Timeline including any other Facebook pages that you may own. You can also enter specific names for pages or friends before publishing on WordPress and it will deliver your post to the appropriate profiles.

Facebook also released a number of widgets on WordPress including Activity Feed, Recommendations, Customizable Like, Subscribe and Send buttons, and Comments Box. All of these aim to make your WordPress site more social and visible to those who also use Facebook. An example would be using the Activity Feed plugin which shows people what their friends are liking and sharing on the site.

While the new Facebook for WordPress plugin is definitely available and usable by the general blog owning populace, the true potential of this plugin can be seen for businesses. It's mentioned that WordPress powers 16.6 percent of the Web and that's not just personal blogs. Pretty much every blog styled Web site out there uses WordPress and this plugin should help them reach a larger audience.

It's pretty easy to install the Facebook for WordPress plugin, but here's a handy tutorial if you're new to this. If you already know how to install plugins, you can download it right now and get to sharing your WordPress content with the world, or the world as defined by your Facebook page.

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