Facebook Gets API Error Notifications

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In November of last year, Facebook introduced Developer Alerts to help developers know when something goes wrong with their app. The original alerts only covered breaking changes, app status changes and policy violations. Now Facebook is adding another important aspect of the development platform to it.

Facebook announced today that Developer Alerts will now include API error notifications. When encountering an error, Facebook will alert you via email and Facebook notification. To keep spam down, it won't be sending you an alert every time the API encounters an error. It will only do so if your app encounters an "abnormally high API error rate."

Here's what you can expect to see:

Facebook Gets API Error Notifications

Facebook plans to roll out API error notifications starting today, and should be available to all apps in the coming weeks.

Developers reported 295 bugs to Facebook this week, with 48 bugs being accepted for further review. The Facebook team also fixed 31 bugs this week. You can check out the full bugfix list at the blog post.