Facebook Friendship Ties Suspects in Murder Case

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Here's a pro tip for all the criminals out there: the police can see who your friends are on Facebook. So if you tell them you don't know someone when you do, you're gonna have a bad time.

A 18-year-old Indianapolis woman has been linked to a murder after police caught her in a lie, and all they had to do was spend a couple minutes on Facebook.

Haley E. McKibben and Julius A. Gordon have been arrested in connection with the shooting death of John Kinsey Jr.

Here's how the crime played out, per USA Today:

[Kinsey] was found shot to death in a car Saturday morning on the city's west side. A revolver was on his lap, and the driver's side window was shattered.

McKibben and Gordon conspired to rob Kinsey of marijuana and Xanax, the probable cause affidavit alleges. Gordon asked McKibben to "set up" Kinsey, the affidavit says.

McKibben smoked with Kinsey in his car and text-messaged Gordon to let him know where the car was parked and what drugs Kinsey had on him, the affidavit says. She text-messaged Gordon to warn him Kinsey was armed.

The document alleges Gordon tried to rob Kinsey, but the men exchanged gunshots. Kinsey was killed, and Gordon was hit in the arm, police said.

Police later made Gordon a suspect in the murder, and asked McKibben if she recognized him in a lineup. At the time, she claimed to be uninvolved in the crime, just a victim of wrong place, wrong time. She said she didn't know him.

All police has to do was fire up Facebook and see that the two were friends. When confronted with this, she admitted to knowing him. After that, all that was needed to make the case were text messages. Gordon's been charged with murder and McKibben has been charged with robbery.

First off, don't rob people. That's dumb. Definitely don't shoot people. But if you're going to commit crimes, you should probably whitewash your Facebook profile.

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