Facebook Friend Request Gets Jail Time

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Jacob Jock was called up for jury duty. Defendant comes in to courtroom. Jacob Jock likes how she looks. Jacob Jock sends defendant friend request on Facebook.

Judge jails juror Jacob Jock.

It's easy to understand how ill-advised the whole thing was. It gets better. After being dismissed off the jury for his actions, the 29 year-old of Sarasota, Florida, bragged on Facebook about getting dismissed.

"Score…I got dismissed!! apparently they frown upon sending a friend request to the defendant… ha ha."

In his trial for contempt of court, he claimed he had friended her by mistake. Jock says he had been asked if he knew any of the defendants, and checked his Facebook account to see if they had any mutual friends. He says he accidentally hit "Send Friend Request".

The judge wasn't buying it. She responded from the bench after hearing Jock's Facebook comments about getting dismissed.

"I cannot think of a more insidious threat to the erosion of democracy than citizens who do not care." - Judge Nancy Donnellan

Jacob Jock is a graphic designer and t-shirt printer. His business webpage is http://www.jakejock.com/. Maybe the poor guy will get some business out of this and be able to put it all behind him.

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