Facebook for Android Gets Some Photo-Related Updates

Josh WolfordIT Management

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Facebook has just unveiled an update to their Android app, and it focuses entirely on photos.

Android users now have faster photo tagging inside the app and they have also gained the ability to choose a specific album when uploading their photos. Facebook also fixed a bug that was affected uploads in certain languages.

Just shy of two months ago, Facebook updated their Android app to give it faster photo uploading. It allowed users to select multiple photos for upload before tagging and captioning them. Facebook called it a new "upload flow."

It appears that Facebook has made good on its promise, but barely. Back in September, the company promised that they would ship an update to their mobile apps every 4-8 weeks. This was due to a shift from a feature-driven view of mobile app development to a date-driven method.

"Great updates we had already finished sometimes took longer to get into people’s hands because we often had to wait for additions and tweaks that threw us off schedule. As we started developing more and more for mobile, it became clear we needed a scalable process to manage the increased mobile engineering activity and ship quality updates to users fast," said Facebook.

Although Android users get a few new photo features today, my colleague informs me that the Android app still has its problems. He may have said that it's still "slow and crappy." Anyway, if rumors are correct, that could all be changing in the near future. Sources have tipped that the brand new Android app, comparable to the completely rebuilt iOS app, is in its final testing phase.

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