Facebook Enabling IPv6 Access For Developers Next Month

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Another week, another Facebook Operation Developer Update to keep us all updated on the changes coming to the platform. This week is light in news but what is there packs a punch. Those interested in Facebook's IPv6 plans will want to especially pay attention.

The company announced yesterday that Facebook is now gearing up for the worldwide IPv6 launch on June 6 of this year. This means that users will have access to most of Facebook's HTTP and HTTPS endpoints. To that end, Facebook will enable IPv6 access on beta.facebook.com on May 18 so that developers have time to find any issues that need fixing.

There is also a change coming to the JavaScript SDK. They are aiming to make it more "modular and strict" which means the inclusion of the "fb-root element and correctly initializing the SDK with FB.init. Here's how it will look:

Facebook Enabling IPv6 Access For Developers Next Month

If you need more information on fb-root, you can read the official documentation here. Just be sure that you call FB.init if you are using FB.api, FB.ui or FB.Canvas.

The breaking changes are still the same from last week with them going into effect on May 2. The bug report is similar with 205 bugs being reported with 13 of them being fixed.

On a side note, the Facebook Developers page has been issuing a warning for the past few days that the Android SSO is having issues. The last update was made yesterday with the company saying that a fix has been made and is in the process of being pushed.