Facebook Drives Traffic To Mobile Apps

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Facebook mobile has been a huge success for the company and it has even brought the riches to mobile app developers who are on Facebook.

James Pearce took to the Facebook developers blog to give some tips on how developers can grow their mobile apps and games with the Facebook platform. Pearce says that Facebook has 425 million monthly users which in turn sends 60 million users to various mobile apps and games.

Pearce rightly points out that to be discovered on the app store, one has to already have a presence or some kind of marketing/editorial muscle behind it. Facebook can help those lesser known apps get the traffic they want.

The most successful apps are those that are built using Open Graph. The use of Timeline combined with Open Graph allows users to share apps naturally by recording their lives for all to see. When something exciting happens in their life, a user can use an Open Graph app to share their experience and the app with their friends.

As an example, Foodspotting, an app that lets people find, record and recommend food dishes, has seen a three-times increase in traffic since integrating with Open Graph.

Yahoo! also implemented Open Graph into their desktop Facebook app. It sends traffic to their mobile app as well which has seen the Yahoo! News web app increase its traffic to 1.6 million visitors a day.

The lesson to take away from this is that integrating your app with Open Graph and Facebook Timeline could increase the traffic your app receives.