Facebook Didn't Have The Showing Some Expected

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It's here and trading. The Facebook IPO is away! The market opened trading the stock at just over $42 per share, which is modest at about 10% more than the suggested $38 per shares negotiated price. While many expected the per share price to skyrocket to over $70 during todays trading, it actually settled back to that $38 price rather quickly. In fact, some have already given up hope that Facebook shares will close at anything higher than $38 for the day.

If you look back to the weeks before the IPO launched, you'll see this is actually a really responsible stance from an investors standpoint. Even at a valuation of $90 billion, experts were warning prospective investors that it was way overvalued. Not to mention, big advertisers are starting to question the value of Facebook's less than modestly priced premium advertising space.

Some investors who paid a premarket price of anywhere between $70 and $300 are probably kicking themselves right now. But, the day is just beginning so I would say it's to early for anyone to count their eggs just test. Interestingly, this is one of the biggest tech IPOs since Zynga, which also experienced a ten percent jump during its opening trading. Ironically, the Facebook stall has also killed Zynga trading today, at least for now.

Regardless of what happens, today marks the dawn of a new era for Facebook where some of their attention will have to shift to keeping shareholders happy. Yes Mark Zuckerberg will tell you it is about connecting the World, but stockholders want that to happen in a profitable fashion. So we can expect some changes in the coming months. I can assure you of that.

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