Facebook Details The Latest Open Graph Changes

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It was announced yesterday that Facebook would be enacting a number of changes in Open Graph. It would force developers to increase the quality of their apps while increasing user satisfaction across the platform. Facebook now has more details on those changes.

During the weekly Operation Developer Love update, Facebook says that developers will have to watch out for three major changes to Open Graph API. The first is the removal of the Authenticated Referrals feature. Instead, developers must implement the Auth Dialog. They will also be removing the ability to post to a user's friends' wall via the Graph API, but developers can still use the feed dialog. Lastly, custom Open Graph actions are no longer allowed in apps that automatically push stories as users consume content. Developers must now use built-in actions for such functionality.

Developers may also be aware that Facebook has enabled a change that causes the picture Graph API to return a dictionary. They found that the change caught some developers off guard even when they had 90 days to prepare. In response, Facebook has extended the migration period to February 6 of next year. Interested developers can check out the Developer Roadmap for more information.

The last update this week is a short reminder that Facebook will start removing internal features from the JavaScript SDK interface. Developers can check the console to see if any internal features are currently being used.

As always, Facebook has been squashing bugs left and right. There were 182 bugs reported this week with 28 being fixed and 17 being accepted for further review. The full list of fixes is available at the blog post.