Facebook Details Mobile Strategy

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Facebook has plans to expand its mobile strategy and become a platform for developers to distribute apps, according to Erick Tseng, Facebook head of mobile products.

"Where we're going from here is a platform strategy. We're going away from a one-off app strategy, said Tseng, at VentureBeat's MobileBeat conference.

Part of its mobile platform strategy will likely include making it easier to find apps and distribution more social, he said.

Erick-Tseng "Inevitably, app stores will become more social. As we get more apps, that's going to be great. But the average user isn't going to go through thousands of apps on their phone," Tseng said.

He also noted how 150 million users access Facebook via phones and mobile devices driving growth in emerging markets.

"Mobile is fast-becoming our growth lever. As we begin to continue to expand, we're starting to go into geographies where phones are the predominant way you access the web," he said. "Mobile is a way we can get users to be aware of and engage with social services."