Facebook Depression: 5 Warning Signs


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U.S. psychologist Dr. Leonard Sax believes teenage girls who spend a considerable amount of time on Facebook or have lower than average numbers of FB friends are at risk for depression.

Sax explains that the risk is greater in girls because their posts over-exaggerate how happy they are and are more likely to brag about every little thing that they are doing.

This can leave girls who are more realistic and less self-promoting feeling like they aren't popular or pretty enough.

The psychologist advises that young girls should limit FB time to 20-30 minutes per day.

Janie Lacy is a family counselor and she found five warning signs for Facebook Depression:

Obsession with site

Significant change in mood

Social isoloation

Changes in academic performance

Changes in physical appearance/decline in health

While Facebook gives adolescents the opportunity to view videos and retrieve other information it can be used for darker objectives. Many children and teens have been bullied on Facebook leading them to be home-schooled.

What are your thoughts on the impact of Facebook on kids and teens? Has FB ever made you feel depressed?