Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to Host Reddit AMA Next Week [UPDATED]

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According to reddit's AMA schedule, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg will be hosting one of reddit's popular Q&A sessions next week.

Sandberg will begin to take questions at 2:30 pm, EST on April 10th. Presumably, one of the main focuses of the AMA session will be her new book Lean In, which was published last month. But knowing reddit AMAs, Sandberg is likely to receive plenty of questions outside of that scope.

We'll just have to wait and find out which ones she chooses to answer.

Sandberg hasn't yet made mention of the AMA on any of her social media channels - and she's pretty active on Facebook. But reddit's AMA schedule is usually pretty accurate in that the mods don't officially add someone to it unless it's been confirmed.

Since "Lean In" hit the shelves, Sandberg has been all over the place promoting her message. She recently hosted a Q&A session on Facebook (which wound up working a lot like a reddit AMA thanks to Facebook's new tiered commenting system).

This should be an interesting AMA, and we're looking forward to it for sure. Speaking of Facebook and reddit AMAs, product engineer Bob Baldwin has just wrapped up one of his own. You can check it out right now for some interesting tidbits on Facebook products, the "dislike" button, and more.

I've reached out to confirm the AMA and will update when I hear back.

UPDATE: No word from anyone on that side yet, but reddit has removed her name from the AMA calendar.

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