Facebook CEO Meets UK's Prime Minister, Culture Sec.


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UK politicians may soon be making status updates and friending voters like never before.  Mark Zuckerberg met with the UK's Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport - along with Prime Minister David Cameron - today, and apparently made some recommendations that were well-received.

To be clear: the bulk of the conversation took place between Facebook's CEO and Jeremy Hunt (whose job title has at times been shortened to "Minister of Fun"); Cameron just made a quick appearance, according to Marc Chacksfield.

Also, exactly what was said has been kept under wraps, so it's impossible to judge if anything will come of the encounter.

Still, the meeting took place at 10 Downing Street, which is impressive.  It's not every day that a hoodie-wearing 26-year-old is invited to the official residence of the Prime Minister.

Hunt had some positive remarks to make in public once things had concluded, too.  On Twitter, he described Zuckerberg as a "[r]eally smart guy with some good ideas on improvement digital engagement in policy making."

Maybe, just maybe, Zuckerberg will follow in Eric Schmidt's footsteps and become an official advisor to Britain's Conservative Party, then.