Facebook, Ceglia, Winklevii Get Animated

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As you probably already know, there has been quite a bit of news this week surrounding Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and the people claiming that he ripped them off.

First, an appeals court judge ruled that enough is enough in the Winklevoss Twins' case, and ordered that they must accept the original #65 million settlement that they reached with Facebook.  The next day, zombie accuser Paul Ceglia arose to file updated claims against Zuckerberg, saying that he did in fact own a majority share of Facebook and provided emails that supposedly confirm it.

All of these things and more are tackled in a one minute animated drama of epic proportions crafted by NMA TV.  Next Media Animation TV is a Taiwan-based company that makes animated videos about current news stories and pop culture events.  In the past, they have brought you "Glenn Beck Goes After Google," "Paris Hilton Nabbed for Cocaine Possession" and  "Rod Blagojevich's Trial Ends in Hung Jury."

The latest, entitled "Facebook lawsuit troll claims he owns 50%" pits Zuckerberg and Ceglia as commanders of opposing battleships and the Winklevii as two rowers in a canoe devastated by the cannon fire of the Facebook ship (Mark Zuckerberg vanquished the Winklevoss twins!)  There are explosions, a courtroom scene and Ceglia naked in a barrel.


The Facebook ownership "battle" has also stretched into the world of twitter.  As we told you yesterday, some in the Facebook camp spent most of the day tweeting  about "douchebags" and Tyler Winklevoss started a snarky hashtag that nobody followed.

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