Facebook Campaign Launched Against James Hooker


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A Modesto, California school teacher has quit his job, left his wife and three daughters and moved into an apartment with an 18-year-old student, according to the Modesto Bee. James Hooker, 41, left Modesto County Schools on February 22nd, and moved in with Enochs High School senior Jordan Powers the same day. The couple has experienced newfound celebrity due to their living arrangement, and have so far have appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America." They are also scheduled to make appearances on NBC's "Today Show." "Dr. Phil," "Inside Edition" and "Nancy Grace" also want them.

Tammie Powers, Jordan's Mom, started a Facebook page called "James Hooker to Jail," in hopes of sending James Hooker to jail. The page is currently offline, but this caption appeared on the site:

This is a picture of JAMES HOOKER from Enochs High School....a perverted man in his forties, who has taken advantage of a little girl. Now, James if you're reading this while you have my daughter----you better believe everyone will know you're a sick child molester....

Powers believes Hooker pursued her daughter before she was of legal age last September, and has logged thousands of text messages on her daughter's phone, most sent during the fall. Many days document dozens of texts, including some sent while Jordan Powers would have been sitting in Hooker's class. Tammie's statement on the matter - "James Hooker is reveling in his short-term spotlight and notoriety. I have always contended that my ultimate goal is to gather facts and as a result of the publicity, someone will come forward with pertinent information. At the end of the day, my daughter's still with James Hooker."

Jordan Hooker has stated that she's aware that a lot of people have been hurt by the relationship, but adds, "(He's) my best friend. I mean he's more than just a lover.... We keep asking ourselves, 'Do we make everyone else happy or do we follow our hearts?'" Ah, romance. Oh, Facebook. One Enochs High student has stated, "she was 14 when they first got together. That’s pretty disgusting, a guy like an old man would try and go with a really young girl.” Modesto Police are investigating the matter.

Interestingly, both parties in the new romance possibly have names akin to porn stars. Jordan Powers and James Hooker?