Facebook Camera Now "Camera•" On Your iPhone

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The Facebook Camera app just received an update to version 1.0.2 which provides "more reliable uploads," help center availability, and improvements to location services functionality. Along with those improvements, the app also received a bit of a cosmetic change - it no longer appears on your screen as "Camera."

As of Monday, Facebook's camera app is now called "Camera•" on your home screen.

The icon remains unchanged, as you can see below:

As you can see, when placed near the iPhone's native Camera app, the icon and now the dot are the only things that differentiate the two. And you have to think that the identical name had something to do with the change. Before, both apps were simply called "Camera," so you can see how there could be a little bit of confusion.

Of course, it's possible that Facebook changed the name of the app ever so slightly without any influence from Apple, but you have to wonder if the identical home screen names rubbed someone the wrong way. Actually, it's kind of surprising that the app was ever allowed to show up as simply "Camera," even for a short period of time. And you have to wonder what's with the "•." Wouldn't something like "FB Camera" be a little more intuitive?

Facebook Camera launched last month, and it's just one of the indicators that Facebook is doubling down on photos as a focus, considering the site is the world's largest photo-sharing property. Facebook Camera allows users to browse their friends' photo uploads apart from all of the other noise on the regular Facebook News Feed. It also lets users upload multiple photos at once and lets them edit and apply filters before posting.

Yesterday, Apple announced that they would finally allow Facebook integration in their new operating system, iOS 6, which is set to launch this fall.

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