Facebook Brings Real Time Updates To The App Dashboard

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Facebook isn't holding the F8 conference this year. The company felt their resources could be better used in building more tools for developers to get the most out of the platform. Besides, Open Graph and the App Dashboard still have a lot of work ahead of them. Zuckerberg and Co. won't rest until every developer is utilizing their software.

To that end, Facebook has announced a new API for the App Dashboard today that should relieve a lot of developers. It's called the real-time updates API and it modifies the real-time update capabilities that were already present in the Graph API. Developers will still have to subscribe to changes in the social graph, but the new API gets you callbacks when certain subscriptions are modified.

The new API also brings with it new options for creating and managing subscriptions. Here's the full list of new features:

  • Create and edit real-time subscriptions
  • Check your subscriptions
  • Test the validity of your subscriptions
  • Facebook says that the new API will make "your apps more reliable" and decrease "load times for your users." Both of which are very important to the social network as they move into the future of the company. Investors need signs that Facebook is making money, and apps are the lifeblood, besides advertising, of the company. Keeping developers and users happy will be key to Facebook's continued success.

    You can check out the documentation for the new API here.

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