Facebook Begins Testing Notification Updates

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With Facebook's IPO now well underway, you might think the company's employees might take some time off from other aspects of its business to bask in the fact that they're all in the process of getting considerably more wealthy. You might think that, but it turns out you'd be wrong. Even in the midst of all the IPO hoopla, Facebook is working to improve its service.

According to a report from TechCrunch, some Facebook users are starting to see changes in the way their notifications are handled. Specifically, they're finding that they have an increased amount of control over just what shows up in their notifications. Now you can silence groups, individuals, events, or even apps from your notifications. Tired of getting requests to play that game all your friends love but you can't stand? Tired of getting constant notifications about the activity of a group you were put in without your knowledge? Tired of getting notifications every time somebody posts to the wall of that event you're not really interested in but are socially obligated to attend? If so, these new controls will make your life a lot easier. According to Facebook, the new notifications controls should be live for most users soon. Unfortunately, I am not one of those users who already has them, so you'll have to make do with these screenshots posted by TechCrunch:

Facebook's New Notifications Controls

Facebook's New Notifications Controls

You have to hand it to Facebook's employees. Not only are they not sitting around watching Facebook's stock price, they're actually managing to implement useful new features. Not too shabby.