Facebook Does Not Make Students Get Bad Grades

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I remember my professors telling me that I shouldn’t be on Facebook during class because it would hurt my grades. It turns out there was no such danger.

That’s a bit too broad of a statement, but as this handy infographic shows, the use of Facebook in the classroom doesn’t harm grades that much. In fact, a high school GPA better predicts the GPA of college students than Facebook use does.

For a bit more in-depth study, they found that sharing links and checking up on friends had a positive relationship with grades. The only thing that had a negative relationship with grades was making status updates.

As a final coup de grâce to the Facebook is bad for students argument, there was no strong link between using Facebook and the amount of time students spent studying.

I can personally confirm that Facebook never impacted the amount of time that I studied. I had video games for that.

Facebook and Grades
Via: OnlineEducation.net