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Goodbye little blue comment button! A few users had noticed something different for quite some time now, but it seems today everyone is now operating with the new procedure for commenting on friends' posts.  So long to the time when you could meticulously comb a comment to ward off  grammar trolls, and submit with absolute confidence.  Farewell to the feeling of satisfaction you felt when, after crafting the perfect reply to an idiotic post, you could click the comment button with gusto and know that your genius had officially gone public.  Instead, commenting has been replaced with the anticlimactic, dangerous Enter button.

That's right, now to post a comment you simply hit Enter; the same enter that before only let you skip to the next line.  This is how a comment box now looks:

If you are unhappy with your comment, as is quite likely, the X in the right corner of the comment no longer deletes it, but opens it up for editing.  If you clear the entire comment field, it will in effect delete.

Only when in editing mode does Facebook remind you that Shift+Enter will start a new line.  Of course, experienced Facebook users who wish to edit a misguided comment will have no issue knowing how to do so - thus no danger.  Something tells me, however, that some new and inexperienced users will find themselves screaming "How do I get this off here??"

There is no telling if this change is permanent, or just one of many experiments Facebook throws out there that keeps us all on our toes.  My guess is that there will be no shortage of people asking for their little blue button back.

Josh Wolford
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