New Facebook App: Spank A Friend

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When's the last time you poked one of your friends? Before your mind starts to run rampant, I'm referring to a Facebook Poke. I'm sure most of you, like myself, have tried to figure out what the benefit of poking really is? Our findings: it's actually kind of pointless. I mean, what if the essence of poking was tweaked slightly, and turned into a quasi-game?

Let me introduce you to Spank A Friend, a brand new app for Facebook that allows you to spank your friends, while keeping point tallies for various actions. Sound interesting? Well, we think it is.

Spank A Friend!

It's easy to use as well, upon authorization you're greeted with two options: Choose a Friend and Spank Bank. I believe the first is pretty self-explanatory. Now the Spank Bank sounds comical, but essentially it's the leaderboard for the app. You can see how your spanking stacks up against your friends and users from around the world.

UPDATE: While talking with the developers of Spank A Friend, they informed me that they're currently working on custom spanks. One of the spanks that is currently in development is the Birthday Spank. Currently, there is no completion date for the addition... but I'm sure it'll be soon.

It's a spank or be spanked world, how will you stand up to the challenge?