Facebook App Economy [Infographic]

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Yes, Facebook may be a great place to socialize and reconnect with old friends, but they've also sent over 160 million users to mobile apps in the month of February alone.

In May, those numbers began to increase as they launched their App Center to drive installs of mobile apps.

Seven out of ten of the top grossing iOS apps are integrated with Facebook. Six out of ten of Android's top grossing apps are also integrated with Facebook. That's very impressive.

Facebook applications have spawned an entirely new industry. So far, that industry has contributed almost $16 billion to our economy and Facebook users are installing apps at the rate of 20 million per day. Also very impressive.

This next infographic from Engineyard.com gives us the lowdown on just how much impact Facebook has had on the app economy.

To learn more about building apps and taking advantage of their services, you can view Engine Yard's webcast, but first you need to check out this infographic to see the worldwide effect Facebook has had.

Take a look:

facebook app economy

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