Facebook Announces The App Center

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Facebook has been really proactive lately in how they approach social apps that use Facebook. The recent developer spotlights should be evidence enough that Facebook really likes it when people use Facebook to sign into their favorite mobile apps.

To continue that trend of Facebook powered mobile apps and app discovery, Facebook announced the App Center. It's just as it sounds - a hub where social apps are collected for phones to download. The App Center will be rolled out on the Web and on the Facebook iOS and Android apps in the coming weeks.

Developers should start setting up for App Center now. With the new system, every app will have their own unique page. It's not like the current Facebook app page where users can like the app and be on their way. This is more akin to an actual storefront for your app. Use it to show off what makes your app special.

The other thing Facebook is introducing is tying the perceived quality of the app with its visibility on The App Center. If you have a high quality app that everybody likes and uses, it will be featured prominently on an almost constant basis within the App Center. If your app is not well-liked or if it doesn't follow quality guidelines, it won't even be listed.

If it wasn't apparent from the focus on mobile apps, the App Center will be focused squarely on the mobile market. With the mobile version of the App Center, users can browse through the popular apps. If a user decides to download your app, they will be directed to either the iOS App Store or Google Play.

Facebook announced this early so that developers can get a head start on creating their App Center page. This will be the main page that potential users will see when browsing the Web or on the Facebook app. Developers have a few weeks to get their App Center pages up and ready to go before the launch.

If your app detail page meets the quality guidelines, Facebook will review it for submission. Those that submit before May 18 will be given priority.

On a final note, Facebook will be using App Center to offer paid apps. While in-app purchases have been around for a while on Facebook, this is the first time that users will be able to offer apps that require an up front purchase. Developers interested in this new program can sign up for the beta here.

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