Facebook Announces Breaking Changes For March

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You'll have to forgive the Facebook team this week. There's not really much of an Operation Developer Love update presumably due to the team being in Paris this week for the LeWeb 2012 conference. With that being said, the social network did outline the next group of breaking changes that will be going into effect in March of next year.

First up, however, is a look at the December breaking changes that will be going into effect today. Developers had a few months to implement the following changes, but there might be one or two in the list that you may have missed.

  • Removing the Static FBML Page tab app
  • New policies for desktop web games off of Facebook.com
  • offline_access permission removal
  • New security restrictions for OAuth authorization codes
  • Graph API will return full Custom Open Graph objects
  • Stripping HTML from Page description field
  • As for March 2013, there's only three breaking changes that developers will need to keep track of. The first is that developers will no longer be able to access mailbox FQL tables without a user session. Next, Facebook will no display display apps under /me/accounts/ in the Graph API. The new location is /me/applications/developer/. Finally, graph.facebook.com will no longer redirect users to the Graph API documentation. As always, you can stay on top of this information and more by checking out Facebook's developer roadmap.

    Perhaps mirroring the lack of any real development news, the bug report is equally barren. While 202 bugs were reported, only 20 were fixed. That being said, 59 bugs were accepted for further review. You can check out the full fix list at the blog post.